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The Basic Facts about Solar Racking Systems

During these modern days the needs of alternative power supply is very high. Solar power or solar energy is considered as one of the best method of getting alternative power supply. This is such an energy that produces no radiation as well as pollution. As a result, the air doesn’t get contaminated. Due to this reason the use of solar racking system or solar panel has increased all over the world. It seems that people are searching more for information regarding solar trackers for producing electricity. Although solar panels are widely popular among the people and there are so many manufacturers of solar panels, you need to know different facts about the system.

Photovoltaic solar trackers are system that converts sunrays to direct current electricity. Direct current or DC is a type of electricity that is generally stored in batteries and it is used as power supply. Once the solar racking unit automatically converts the sunlight into solar energy, it is generally stored in a battery and then supplied for your general use. Differently, there are systems that convert the direct current into AC power to use for the household. However battery based system is more convenient and cheaper.

Generally the battery based solar racking systems include locations with no grid tied power available as well as locations where the grid is generally unreliable. However, people who have one of afore mentioned issues, generally avoid battery based systems. In case you are not going to use batteries in your solar panels, you need to convert the solar energy into AC power. This process is generally done by an inverter. Inverter is actually an electronic unit that converts the DC power to AC. In a solar panel the DC is converted with a micro-inverter into AC power. Once converted the power supply is then distributed into your home through suitable breaker panel.

You can also take the utility grid as your power storage or personal battery. In case your solar trackers are producing more power that you are using, the excess power goes to the grid and as a result your electricity bill is reduced. At the same time when your solar panel is not generating enough power, the excess power is supplied from the grid. It is always important that you obtain your necessary power from a renewable energy friendly company.

There are generally two types of solar racking systems used by the majority of solar panel users. They are roof racking systems and pole mount systems. Roof racking systems generally come in a wide array of adjustable as well as configurable components allowing them to be used on a sloped roof just as easily as flat roof.

Pole mounted systems, on the other hand, are probably the best in terms of their actual foot prints. They take no roof line real estate that can be a concern when the roof needs re-surfacing. These pole mount systems also have a number of solar trackers available which automate the adjustments as well as movements of the solar panel array.

Orion Solar Racking specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of solar racking solutions. Since its foundation Orion has released a wide range of high-quality and innovative photovoltaic racking systems. We provide roof and ground mounting solutions for residential, agriculture, industrial, government, commercial and utility grade projects. Our mission is to promote renewable energy solutions making the installation of solar trackers simple.

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