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Cool Solar Battery Storage images

A few nice solar battery storage images I found:

What’s in my bag 15 Feb 2014 – Timbuk2 custom XS – all wool
solar battery storage
Image by Do8y
On my road to scale down the number of items in my daily bag and its overall weight, I have come to reduce even what you saw from my last bag (www.flickr.com/photos/beorn_ours/9489882942/). The reduction was more in matters of weight, not that much of absolute number of items.

A detailed description of the bag and items can be found here (in case you cannot read the notes above):


Indium Fireball
solar battery storage
Image by Argonne National Laboratory
This “fireball” is a droplet of liquid indium in contact with a nanowire made up of many tangled strands of silica. Silica is a transparent material found in nature as sand and quartz. It is very different from indium, which is a soft silvery metal. The entire structure is about a thousand times thinner than a human hair and even smaller than a single red blood cell. In this experiment, scientists found that they could guide the growth of the nanowire by bombarding it with ions. These nanowires could be useful in building next-generation batteries and solar cells.

This high-resolution SEM photograph depicts a free-standing and self-aligned silica nanowire. Development of free-standing nanowire arrays is of technological interest for future energy conversion and energy storage devices. This silica nanowire is made of many individual silica strands or fibers and possesses an indium droplets at its tip. Energetic ion bombardment and the unique growth energetics affect its final appearance. Mediated by a droplet of liquid indium, this nanowire emerges and grows several microns tall. The droplet intercepts silicon atoms emitted from a nearby source. Water vapor added to the growth environment reacts with silicon dissolved in the indium droplet, precipitating a stranded silica nanowire from the droplet surface. The wire grows and aligns itself normal to the substrate as a result of normal incidence ion bombardment during processing. Without this ion bombardment, the nanowire orientation would be random, demonstrating that stranded silica nanowires are very responsive to energetic ion irradiation – a largely unknown property of nanowires.

(The original black/white SEM image was re-colored in Photoshop 6.0.)

Martin Bettge (CSE) and Daniel Abraham (CSE)
Argonne National Laboratory

Scott MacLaren, Steve Burdin, Richard T Haasch, Ivan Petrov, Min-Feng Yu and Ernie Sammann
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bettge et al. in Nanotechnol. 2012.
(Discussion of the content can also be found in Bettge et al. in Nanotechnol. 2009 and J. Mater. Res. 2011).

Butterfly on solar panel IMG_9774
solar battery storage
Image by John Englart (Takver)
I visited my niece’s off-the-grid house located in bushland north of Orange, NSW. 14 solar PV panels provide power to a battery storage system. The windmill that pumps bore water can also be switched to generate power for the system. House is passive solar design with a composting toilet and beautiful views down the valley. But with bush all around, they will need a bushfire emergency plan.