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What I got out of All-Energy 2017

SolaX All-Energy 2017

I was away last week at the All-Energy Conference in Melbourne, it was great to see that the Renewable Energy industry is so active and I had a great time catching up with other business owners and suppliers. There was so much to see and take away that I couldn’t do it all justice in an email so I’ve picked a couple of highlights to tell you about.


So here’s my wrap…

Mini Grid’s and Storage Systems:

We saw case studies from electricity retailers on how they are using batteries to support remote networks around Australia and the lessons they have learned, it turns out that one of the most important things is having the right visibility of the systems especially the batteries to maintain a stable grid when consumers and generators kick in and out. So monitoring is very important. The Mini grid trials I thought were particularly interesting where small neighborhoods all use solar and battery systems to work together and reduce their reliance on the main network. I have long thought that this was a good idea so it’s really great to see that those with the resources to do these trials are making it happen!

Mini Grids
 SolaX Power Station

SolaX Power Station:

This is the new offering from SolaX and it is sexy as! Much slimmer than the previous model and they are excellent value as they include as standard…

  • IP54 Cabinet
  • 5KW SK-TL Hybrid Inverter
  • BMU 5000 100Amp charger
  • Emergency Power Supply (EPS) Box
  • Your choice of between 3.3kWh and 13kWh of LG Lithium Batteries
  • 10 Year Battery Warranty
  • Built in Protection Equipment

Like to see one of these bad boys at your place? Give me a bell!


I met with an Australian Supplier of wind turbines which is great as I am constantly being asked about wind.

They have 3 main types…

  • DC Marine Grade HAWT
  • AC Ground Mount HAWT
  • DC Ground Mount VAWT

A great addition to any Solar Battery System to keep your batteries charged when the

sun goes down.


GenZ Batteries

genZ LFP Smart Power packs are based on LiFePO4 battery chemistry and have been designed and engineered by us specifically for Australian operating environments, to allow for safer and greater performance from stored energy systems compared with traditional lead acid/gel and other lithium technologies.

A smart Battery Management System (BMS) is built in to every LFP Smart Power pack, allowing for easier recharge and up to 100% depth of discharge for every cycle. The BMS will always protect the cells which is great for constant demand from vital systems. The BMS protects the battery from irregular charge feed and over voltage/over current events making it ideal for solar PV designs. The BMS also monitors internal cell temperature.

  • Australian designed and engineered for Australian conditions

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Want to save on your power bill but don’t have the money upfront? You can buy solar power for an agreed discounted rate, giving you peace of mind and predictable overheads. Perfect for businesses with large daytime loads who want to save money. PPA Solutions are simple, flexible and well priced and we can help you get saving for no upfront cost.

Give me a call and book your initial consultation to see what it means for your business.

Power Purchase Agreements

So my take on this years All-Energy Conference and Trade Show?

Solar is still booming, Australian Homeowners and Businesses are embracing the newest technology and making the switch to their own power for many reasons but the most common one I still think is to reduce energy costs over time but there are more people all the time who want to be part of the change we are seeing in this country.

I want to see every Australian family and local business free of the burden of rising power bills and I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and to help you into your own secure energy future!

Most popular Solar Battery Bank auctions

Some recent solar battery bank auctions on eBay:

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Cool Solar Battery images

solar battery
by Do8y

Some cool solar battery images:

Solar power controller parts – Close Up
solar battery
Image by Steve –
My solar bench needs a photovoltaic controller to charge my invertor batteries. These few parts are going to do the biz for me and my freebie panels.

Close up of solar power controller parts, amazing how fes parts you really need, I spent 8 dollars on these bits (would have paid less if I had not used radio hut…but these go for close to 100 dollars ready made…..

solar battery
Image by ilovememphis
The solar-charged batteries that are powering artist Robin Salant’s light installation at the Sears Crosstown building.

solar stairs
solar battery
Image by steve: they can’t all be zingers!!! (primus)
my first roll through a very used minolta hi-matic 9.
found it at a flea-market. it sounded mechanically correct and the optics were unknown but i bought it anyway.
i manually metered: sunny ..125 at 11 and so on. i placed a battery in the clean battery compartment and it works…kinda. tops out when exposed to sunlight and drops down to 8 when light is lowered

not too bad for a camera that was made in late 1960’s and not well-kept, but i have faith in minolta.
of course i used some tweaking, but still, the original isn’t bad


Cool Solar Battery Storage images

A few nice solar battery storage images I found:

What’s in my bag 15 Feb 2014 – Timbuk2 custom XS – all wool
solar battery storage
Image by Do8y
On my road to scale down the number of items in my daily bag and its overall weight, I have come to reduce even what you saw from my last bag (www.flickr.com/photos/beorn_ours/9489882942/). The reduction was more in matters of weight, not that much of absolute number of items.

A detailed description of the bag and items can be found here (in case you cannot read the notes above):


Indium Fireball
solar battery storage
Image by Argonne National Laboratory
This “fireball” is a droplet of liquid indium in contact with a nanowire made up of many tangled strands of silica. Silica is a transparent material found in nature as sand and quartz. It is very different from indium, which is a soft silvery metal. The entire structure is about a thousand times thinner than a human hair and even smaller than a single red blood cell. In this experiment, scientists found that they could guide the growth of the nanowire by bombarding it with ions. These nanowires could be useful in building next-generation batteries and solar cells.

This high-resolution SEM photograph depicts a free-standing and self-aligned silica nanowire. Development of free-standing nanowire arrays is of technological interest for future energy conversion and energy storage devices. This silica nanowire is made of many individual silica strands or fibers and possesses an indium droplets at its tip. Energetic ion bombardment and the unique growth energetics affect its final appearance. Mediated by a droplet of liquid indium, this nanowire emerges and grows several microns tall. The droplet intercepts silicon atoms emitted from a nearby source. Water vapor added to the growth environment reacts with silicon dissolved in the indium droplet, precipitating a stranded silica nanowire from the droplet surface. The wire grows and aligns itself normal to the substrate as a result of normal incidence ion bombardment during processing. Without this ion bombardment, the nanowire orientation would be random, demonstrating that stranded silica nanowires are very responsive to energetic ion irradiation – a largely unknown property of nanowires.

(The original black/white SEM image was re-colored in Photoshop 6.0.)

Martin Bettge (CSE) and Daniel Abraham (CSE)
Argonne National Laboratory

Scott MacLaren, Steve Burdin, Richard T Haasch, Ivan Petrov, Min-Feng Yu and Ernie Sammann
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bettge et al. in Nanotechnol. 2012.
(Discussion of the content can also be found in Bettge et al. in Nanotechnol. 2009 and J. Mater. Res. 2011).

Butterfly on solar panel IMG_9774
solar battery storage
Image by John Englart (Takver)
I visited my niece’s off-the-grid house located in bushland north of Orange, NSW. 14 solar PV panels provide power to a battery storage system. The windmill that pumps bore water can also be switched to generate power for the system. House is passive solar design with a composting toilet and beautiful views down the valley. But with bush all around, they will need a bushfire emergency plan.

Cool Solar Panel Battery images

Some cool solar panel battery images:

Solar charged battery – flat
solar panel battery
Image by Jeroen Kransen

Solar power controller parts – Close Up
solar panel battery
Image by Steve –
My solar bench needs a photovoltaic controller to charge my invertor batteries. These few parts are going to do the biz for me and my freebie panels.

Close up of solar power controller parts, amazing how fes parts you really need, I spent 8 dollars on these bits (would have paid less if I had not used radio hut…but these go for close to 100 dollars ready made…..

Solar charged battery
solar panel battery
Image by Jeroen Kransen
Approximately 30 degrees slanting, which is close to the optimal average angle in the Netherlands.