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Commercial Solar PV

Increasing Cost of Power

It’s no secret that energy prices are on the rise, we have already seen significant increases in our power costs in the last few years and these will most likely continue.

Many businesses are struggling with ever these increasing costs while trying to stay competitive.

Companies the world over are adopting energy saving practices into their standard operating procedures and many are already reaping the benefits of free energy from the sun.


The Lucky Country

Australia has some of the greatest resources in the world; giving us an opportunity to be world leaders by making smart Renewable Energy Choices together.

Renewable Energy is more than a green choice; it’s a smart financial investment.

Some Of Our Commercial Customers

Townsville - Queensland Mental Health 30kW

Townsville - Queensland Mental Health 30kW

Cairns - Manning Pies 30kW

Cairns - Manning Pies 30kW

Mission Beach Tavern 30kWv

Mission Beach Tavern 30kW

Cairns - Southern Cross Apartments 20kW

Cairns - Southern Cross Apartments 20kW

The Smart Choice

Everywhere you look today, Solar Power is being used to offset our daytime power needs.

Whether to run your fridge and a few standby items at home, an office building, factory or irrigation system;

Solar Power is very cost effective and a really smart choice.

Depending on your tariff structure you could see a return as low as 3 – 5 years!

Flexible Options

As the cost of power continues to soar, many people are beginning to think outside the box for their future energy needs.

A Commercial Solar Power System will offset your power-bill 

Saving You Money

Renewable Energy Devices can design and install as Solar Power System suited to your business needs, we have the right solution to save you money for many years to come.