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Have you ever experienced your mobile phone running out of charge and couldn’t make that emergency call? If yes, then you are not alone. Many of us face the same situation in everyday life. Gadgets like phones, tablets and other mobile devices become useless when they run out of charge. Those who travel a lot find it even more difficult to charge their mobile devices due to the inability to find any charging ports nearby. To put an end to all these hassles, here is one device, a solar mobile charger that has now been introduced into the market. It is convenient and portable to charge your mobile devices as and when required. The solar cellphone chargers work on solar energy. So you are never going to find it difficult to charge them and use the power to recharge your cellphone even in remote locations.

The portable solar chargers are manufactured using an exceptionally powerful rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. The solar mobile charger also offers very high efficiency and functionality with the finest parts like the 1W thin and high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel used in the device. It is also very lightweight with a scratch-resistant surface built best for the outdoors and good for the indoors as well. Once charged the device can be readily used to recharge electronic devices like cell phones, smartphones, GPS navigators, cameras, MP3s and many more on-the-go. You can comfortably carry the solar charger during outdoor activities like hiking, biking and camping and anywhere else you find yourself, as it is waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof and drop-resistant.

The solar mobile charger is also very appealing. It is manufactured in seven attractive color combinations for you to make a choice. It comes in a clean and beautiful design, easy to carry in your palm. The solar charger is also built with high-temperature and high-impact resistant polypropylene material to withstand any climatic conditions. The solar charger comes with dual USB ports allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. The device also has a USB port that allows recharging it using electric power in addition to solar charging. The device also comes with a crystal clear and cool white LED flashlight that is quite useful in the great outdoors.

With these wonderful portable solar chargers at hand, you no longer have to worry about finding charging ports when at home or on a road trip. You can buy these solar power banks online from the Solocharg store at

Purchase solar power banks online for mobiles and tablets online at Solocharg. Here you can get the highest quality solar charging products at the best price. To get more information about portable solar chargers, please don’t hesitate to visit us online.

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