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12 Things you should know before investing in a Solar Battery System!

Power prices have recently increased by 10%… again! Once again consumers are being hit by increasing electricity prices driving people to look for a better alternative to grid power. Solar battery systems are now commonplace with system costs now less than buying grid power over the life of the batteries. Before you invest, here is our list of top must know questions!Queensland power prices

  1. Can I upgrade my existing system?

Yes. You can use your existing solar panels but you will need a new battery inverter, as well as the batteries of course. There are other options like just adding a small battery inverter for emergency backup and keeping your inverter for daytime use, talk to us about your needs.

Depending on the age of your panels, it might actually be better to take advantage of the upfront rebates still available and get the latest larger sized panels. 255W and 260W are common now and if you have 180W or 190W panels you will get a big increase in power!

  1. Can I add batteries later?

Yes. Providing you buy an inverter which is battery or hybrid ready, you can install batteries later or even start small and increase over time, say when you get a nice tax return for example.

Some inverters will have the battery charger built in, this is commonly called the battery management unit (BMU), but this can also be added on later so check what you are being quoted to know whether this will be required at a later date.

Not all inverters can be upgraded but will need to be replaced so check what you are buying is future proofed.

  1. How much will it save me?

The beauty about having batteries is that every solar kWh you generate is worth the cost of power to you, right now, that’s 27c/kWh. That means that a 6kW solar system with the correctly sized battery bank can save you around $730/Qtr… today!

As the price of power goes up so do your savings! Since 2009 in Queensland the cost of power has increased by between 10-15% per year. Your $730 today is worth $1,175/Qtr in 5 years-time at 10%


  1. Will I get a Feed in Tariff?

No. Battery systems are not eligible for any feed-in tariff. You don’t want their 6.5c anyway, you are much better off as you are getting 27c! increasing at ~10% PA

  1. I only got approved for a 2kW system, what can I do?

Don’t worry! Some inverters can limit their exporting ability which means that the approval means nothing. As long as your system is set so that it won’t export back to the grid you can install up to 5kW per phase for single and 2 phase properties and up to 30kW for 3 phase, so you can use your cheap solar power instead of buying expensive grid power.

  1. How long do solar batteries last?

The new Lithium solar batteries have an amazing life expectancy of 11 – 16 years depending on how hard you use them.

  1. What warranty will I get on my batteries?

The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty on our Lithium batteries.

  1. What size system do I need?

You need to work out how much power you use on a daily basis. To do this, first consult your power bill, on the front you will find a little graph and next to it will say how many kWh/day you use.

Next, you need to work out how much power you use during the day and at night. There is a spreadsheet you can use for this on our website. Download it from Once you have your consumption we can help you choose the right size system for your needs.Energy use diagram - all 4_2_15(1)

  1. What is the payback time?

There are many factors to consider when calculating the payback of a system but what is important to know is how much you will pay for your power if you don’t get solar. This is the only true way to put it in perspective.

If you are an average family with around about a $700 power bill then you will probably spend about $44,822 on power from Ergon over the next ten years, but of course power could go up more than expected, we simply have no control over it.

However, if you installed a 6kW battery system with a nice big bank of batteries, you have effectively set your own rate of power, it’s fixed. Even better than that but you will actually have an extra $15,000 in your pocket! And after 15 years you have put $35,000 in your pocket! Good Eh!

  1. What other costs are there?

None. Once you have your Solar batteries installed you can use your own power for free, we do recommend that you stay connected to the grid so you can charge your batteries in long periods of rainy weather so you may still have some residual bill from them.

  1. Do I need to disconnect from Ergon?

No. In-fact we recommend that you keep Ergon connected just in case. We live in the tropics and there can be times when the weather is poor solar weather.

Remember, you can also choose not to use as much power when it is cloudy if you want to keep from getting a bill. You will still make about 30% production on an overcast day.

  1. What happens when the power goes out?

You still have power! In a grid down situation, your loads are still being supplied by your solar panels and batteries, unlike a normal grid-tied system which shuts down. What happens if you are on holidays and the power goes off? Have you ever come home to a thawed and refrozen freezer where the food is all ruined? Not with a Solar Battery System.

Does taking advantage of cheap Solar Power at night make sense for your family? Go ahead and give us a call and we can tailor a solution that fits your family’s needs.

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Buy Solar Power Banks Online

Have you ever experienced your mobile phone running out of charge and couldn’t make that emergency call? If yes, then you are not alone. Many of us face the same situation in everyday life. Gadgets like phones, tablets and other mobile devices become useless when they run out of charge. Those who travel a lot find it even more difficult to charge their mobile devices due to the inability to find any charging ports nearby. To put an end to all these hassles, here is one device, a solar mobile charger that has now been introduced into the market. It is convenient and portable to charge your mobile devices as and when required. The solar cellphone chargers work on solar energy. So you are never going to find it difficult to charge them and use the power to recharge your cellphone even in remote locations.

The portable solar chargers are manufactured using an exceptionally powerful rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. The solar mobile charger also offers very high efficiency and functionality with the finest parts like the 1W thin and high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel used in the device. It is also very lightweight with a scratch-resistant surface built best for the outdoors and good for the indoors as well. Once charged the device can be readily used to recharge electronic devices like cell phones, smartphones, GPS navigators, cameras, MP3s and many more on-the-go. You can comfortably carry the solar charger during outdoor activities like hiking, biking and camping and anywhere else you find yourself, as it is waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof and drop-resistant.

The solar mobile charger is also very appealing. It is manufactured in seven attractive color combinations for you to make a choice. It comes in a clean and beautiful design, easy to carry in your palm. The solar charger is also built with high-temperature and high-impact resistant polypropylene material to withstand any climatic conditions. The solar charger comes with dual USB ports allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. The device also has a USB port that allows recharging it using electric power in addition to solar charging. The device also comes with a crystal clear and cool white LED flashlight that is quite useful in the great outdoors.

With these wonderful portable solar chargers at hand, you no longer have to worry about finding charging ports when at home or on a road trip. You can buy these solar power banks online from the Solocharg store at

Purchase solar power banks online for mobiles and tablets online at Solocharg. Here you can get the highest quality solar charging products at the best price. To get more information about portable solar chargers, please don’t hesitate to visit us online.

Tesla Powerwall: Crunching The Numbers For Australia
Powerwall is a great concept, but it’s not exactly new – off-peak and solar battery banks have been around a long time. The main benefit is that it’s a lot smaller and easier to install. It’s also great to get people thinking about ways to save …
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Solar Power Batteries – The Most Important Professional Hints And Tips For Investing In A Solar Battery

The question of if you have to obtain Solar Power Batteries is determined by just how considerable the solar energy system is. A few folks invest just a limited time and also cost for their solar systems, and some choose a total switch to solar energy.

Both have their own benefits, obviously, according to your requirements and just how much you are able to manage. In terms of supporting the planet, along with conserving on energy fees, each approach could be valuable. Possibly a compact investment now could lead to the whole switch soon enough.

Solar battery chargers really are a intelligent option for working the kitchen appliances at home or within your office. As the expression suggests, solar is actually energy procured out from the sunlight. Solar Battery works with many solar equipment.

Meant for use to help many people and/or hobbyists with practical solar cell guidelines, and also practical applying solar panels. Solar battery chargers really are a perfect example, providing you with the opportunity to charge your batteries without having to pay for additional power or perhaps being concerned with regards to air pollution.

Solar battery chargers provide good advantages for usage in your house. It’s a strategy so that you can charge batteries that will operate small products in the house.

Solar battery chargers are the most effective answer to your portable solar power necessities for the reason that they possess numerous power ranges to fit just about every need. Solar battery chargers are a wonderful addition to your disaster readiness package.

Solar power battery chargers are readily available for all sizes and also kinds of batteries. Solar power battery backups are employed in most cases within homes, permitting family members to keep updated to the outside world through unfortunate occurrences as well as routine outages.

Solar power battery banks are essential if you would like an energy system that work well efficiently and also cost-efficient. The battery bank is usually a number of batteries which have been wired collectively inside a solar panel system, meant to keep the electrical power manufactured from the sun’s rays when there is no sun.

Charge controllers are most advised for just about all solar power batteries. Your controller is able to keep it from getting overcharged or overcharging something different.

Look at the wattage ratings for each of this appliances and choose the greatest 1; this typically will be a microwave. Utilizing the wattage ratings for the micro wave, choose an inverter that is efficient at providing the specified power.

Look at electric bill to determine how many kWh per month you have, next divide by 30 to have the number on a daily basis. This will provide you with an idea of the number of batteries you have to keep sufficient energy to really make it through the night if you’re off grid and depending on solar panels for the power.

Selecting what sort of Solar Power Batteries make use of depends upon your necessity. Irregardless of whether you opt that you’ll need a solar power battery for the home, you have made a useful choice in considering solar technology and quitting other energy sources.

The sun creates a virtually inexhaustible volume of energy and little by little were utilizing it and also helping the environment.

To find out more about Solar Power Batteries, visit my website about solar cell battery.

Tesla Powerwall: Crunching The Numbers For Australia
Powerwall is a great concept, but it’s not exactly new – off-peak and solar battery banks have been around a long time. The main benefit is that it’s a lot smaller and easier to install. It’s also great to get people thinking about ways to save …
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The Basic Facts about Solar Racking Systems

During these modern days the needs of alternative power supply is very high. Solar power or solar energy is considered as one of the best method of getting alternative power supply. This is such an energy that produces no radiation as well as pollution. As a result, the air doesn’t get contaminated. Due to this reason the use of solar racking system or solar panel has increased all over the world. It seems that people are searching more for information regarding solar trackers for producing electricity. Although solar panels are widely popular among the people and there are so many manufacturers of solar panels, you need to know different facts about the system.

Photovoltaic solar trackers are system that converts sunrays to direct current electricity. Direct current or DC is a type of electricity that is generally stored in batteries and it is used as power supply. Once the solar racking unit automatically converts the sunlight into solar energy, it is generally stored in a battery and then supplied for your general use. Differently, there are systems that convert the direct current into AC power to use for the household. However battery based system is more convenient and cheaper.

Generally the battery based solar racking systems include locations with no grid tied power available as well as locations where the grid is generally unreliable. However, people who have one of afore mentioned issues, generally avoid battery based systems. In case you are not going to use batteries in your solar panels, you need to convert the solar energy into AC power. This process is generally done by an inverter. Inverter is actually an electronic unit that converts the DC power to AC. In a solar panel the DC is converted with a micro-inverter into AC power. Once converted the power supply is then distributed into your home through suitable breaker panel.

You can also take the utility grid as your power storage or personal battery. In case your solar trackers are producing more power that you are using, the excess power goes to the grid and as a result your electricity bill is reduced. At the same time when your solar panel is not generating enough power, the excess power is supplied from the grid. It is always important that you obtain your necessary power from a renewable energy friendly company.

There are generally two types of solar racking systems used by the majority of solar panel users. They are roof racking systems and pole mount systems. Roof racking systems generally come in a wide array of adjustable as well as configurable components allowing them to be used on a sloped roof just as easily as flat roof.

Pole mounted systems, on the other hand, are probably the best in terms of their actual foot prints. They take no roof line real estate that can be a concern when the roof needs re-surfacing. These pole mount systems also have a number of solar trackers available which automate the adjustments as well as movements of the solar panel array.

Orion Solar Racking specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of solar racking solutions. Since its foundation Orion has released a wide range of high-quality and innovative photovoltaic racking systems. We provide roof and ground mounting solutions for residential, agriculture, industrial, government, commercial and utility grade projects. Our mission is to promote renewable energy solutions making the installation of solar trackers simple.

A breakthrough in the affordability of Solar Battery Systems
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Solar Battery Charging – Making Contributions To The Environment In A Very Favorable Way

For many people, making the switch for solar energy to be able to improve the ecosystem, the principle hurdle could be the initial investment of time and cash that is needed.

The tools tend to be pricey and you’ve to check you are receiving your money’s value and also preventing unneeded damages and also financially demanding substitution or maybe repair.

Solar technology is used in many different extensive purposes, between large-scale solar utility plants and also distant commercial power systems to roof-mounted residential power products, and today flexible solar portable power panels. Solar energy became the solution. This is why nearly most of modern satellites are solar operated.

Solar battery chargers make the perfect idea! If we’d superior batteries obviously then this total system could be a lot better. Photo voltaic battery chargers are the most useful alternative to your convenient solar power requirements since they posses several power ranges to match every single need.

Photo voltaic battery chargers really are a sensible option for working the devices both at home and in your own place of work. As the word means, solar energy is energy procured through the sun.

Solar Batteries are an easy way to keep solar power and utilize it if ever the sun is not great. For example, during the night, on gloomy days or perhaps on wet days. Solar batteries, having said that, are usually deep cycle batteries.

These types of batteries emit a small current at first, however have to preserve this power for a considerably longer time period.Photo voltaic batteries are actually deep cycle batteries that offer energy storage for photo voltaic, wind and other renewable power systems.

Not the same as a car battery, this deep cycle battery is effective at enduring long term, recurring as well as deep discharges that are common in sustainable energy systems which are “off grid” (disconnected from your electric utility company).

Solar batteries vary considerably from the kinds you choose up in the nearby retailer. Also referred to as deep cycle batteries, solar batteries have been developed specifically to offer off a charge then keep that charge for an extended time, usually for hours.

Solar batteries are a vital part of a off grid solar power system or transforming your power grid tied system with a solar power system with battery backup. Solar battery chargers merely have to have sunlight to begin charging your batteries, and placed in a spot were in it can harness sunlight as much as possible.

There are diverse products available, that are usually pretty low-cost, generally giving recharging for just two to 4 batteries with the type Double A, Triple A, C or D.

Solar Batteries not just decrease your energy expenses (you can spend a lot of money charging up all those units) however they allow people great liberty in where they can use their convenient gadgets.

Portable solar battery chargers have been a significant benefit to outdoor photographers as well as outdoor man. Solar battery chargers provide excellent positive aspects for usage at home. It is just a good idea to be able to charge batteries that operate little devices in the house.

Solar battery chargers are available for a variety of products and are available in numerous current capabilities at the same time, making it simpler for you to charge nearly all gadgets. Photovoltaic battery chargers over Five watts (and occasionally the actual 5 watt) need a photo voltaic controller to manage the end result, and stop overcharging.

To find out exactly how you can contribute to our environment through Solar Battery Charging, visit my website about solar batteries.

A breakthrough in the affordability of Solar Battery Systems
SolarCity’s mission is to remove every obstacle that stands in the way of clean energy. Today we introduced a product that will make serious headway in this effort: fully-integrated and affordable solar battery backup systems for homes, businesses and …
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Ancient Irish Monuments

You may have figured out that we like prehistory, so let’s define early Irish monuments. Hopefully, you’ll find this more interesting than our nieces did…. They pretended to be asleep in the back seat when we were exploring some of these sites!

We’ve talked about some of the early Irish monuments we’ve seen…, the passage tombs of Bru na Boinne and sites like the Hill of Tara…. But what are all those other monument spread around all of Ireland.

We’ll start with “Passage Tombs” like Newgrange and Knowth. These are round tombs with an identifiable passage that leads from an entrance to a burial chamber. They often have spectacular solar alignments…. The passage at Newgrange lights up during the Winter Solstice.

Some call these “passage cairns”, pointing out that they were burial chambers only for very influential people…. That instead of a grave, the chamber may be likened instead to a womb, and that they may have been linked to an earth goddess and fertility.

Interpretations aside, “Passage Tombs” are round mounds with passages and chambers.

Other types of tombs are “portal tombs” which are constructed of three or more massive standing stones and roofed with earth. “Dolmens” are the uncovered remains of “portal tombs”. One haunting “dolmen” stands out on the Burren. There are “court tombs” which are half-circles with a square in front, and “wedge tombs” which look like pie shaped versions of “court tombs”.

Moving on to other early Irish monuments, you have just plain aged “cairns” which are basically mounds of stones which may or may not contain a tomb.

Then you have Ring Forts. That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? A fort shaped in a ring? Not so fast.

You’ve got “Cashels” which are ring forts built mainly of rock. “Crannogs” are ring forts built on small islands near a seashore and connected by a causeway. “Raths” are ring forts of ditch and earth-wall construction which was topped with a wooden palisade.

Hill forts are ring forts on hilltops. And Promontory Forts are self-explanatory…. Sometimes with one side consisting of a sheer cliff.

And then you get into “stones”…. You’ll find “Standing Stones” of course. We’ve talked about those before. They may stand unaccompanied or as part of a “henge monument.” “La Tene Stones” are standing stones with Celtic carvings. And “Ongham-Stones” bear inscriptions in a special language that was used in ancient times.

Among the more controversial “constructions” are “Ley-Lines”. These are supposed alignments; straight lines linking important sites or some say “power points.” Let’s just say that there may be a lot of uncertainty here, which leads us to….

Faires of course. Because it’s Ireland, you also will find references to Fianna and Fairy Hills. The scientific explanation is that after hundreds or thousands of years some monuments like passage tombs created legends around them that they might be passages to the “other world”.

Can’t tell your ancient Irish mounments without a scorcard… and there you have it…. crannogs, raths, fairy hills and all! Next you’ll be seeing leprechauns!

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The mobile world depends on lithium-ion batteries

The mobile world depends on lithium-ion batteries — today’s ultimate rechargeable energy store. Last year, consumers bought five billion Li-ion cells to supply power-hungry laptops, cameras, mobile phones and electric cars. “It is the best battery technology anyone has ever seen,” says George Crabtree, director of the US Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), which is based at the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, Illinois. But Crabtree wants to do much, much better.

Modern Li-ion batteries hold more than twice as much energy by weight as the first commercial versions sold by Sony in 1991 — and are ten times cheaper. But they are near-ing their limit. Most researchers think that improvements to Li-ion cells can squeeze in at most 30% more energy by weight (see ‘Power-ing up’). That means that Li-ion cells will never give electric cars the 800-kilometre range of a petrol tank, or supply power-hungry smart-phones with many days of juice.

In 2012, the JCESR hub won US$ 120 mil-lion from the US Department of Energy to take a leap beyond Li-ion technology. Its stated goal was to make cells that, when scaled up to the sort of commercial battery packs used in electric cars, would be five times more energy dense than the standard of the day, and five times cheaper, in just five years. That means hitting a target of 400 watt-hours per kilogram (Wh kg−1) by 2017. Asus G74SX Battery Asus G74 Battery Asus A42-G74 Battery Asus LC42SD128 Battery

Crabtree calls the goal “very aggressive”; veteran battery researcher Jeff Dahn at Dal-housie University in Halifax, Canada, calls it “impossible”. The energy density of recharge-able batteries has risen only sixfold since the early lead-nickel rechargeables of the 1900s. But, says Dahn, the JCESR’s target focuses attention on technologies that will be crucial in helping the world to switch to renewable energy sources — storing up solar energy for night-time or a rainy day, for example. And the US hub is far from alone. Many research teams and companies in Asia, the Americas and Europe are looking beyond Li-ion, and are pursuing strategies that may topple it from its throne.

LOSE THE DEAD WEIGHTChemical engineer Elton Cairns suspected he had tamed a promising-but-wild battery chemistry early last year, when his coin-sized cells were still going strong even after a few months of continual draining and recharg-ing. By July, his cells at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, had cycled 1,500 times and had lost only half of their capacity1 — a performance roughly on a par with the best Li-ion batteries.

His batteries are based on lithium-sulphur (Li-S) technology, which uses extremely cheap materials and in theory can pack in five times more energy by weight than Li-ion (in prac-tice, researchers suspect, it will probably be only twice as much). Li-S batteries were first posited 40 years ago, but researchers could not get them to survive past about 100 cycles. Now, many think that the devices are the technology closest to becoming a commercially viable suc-cessor to Li-ion.

One of Li-S’s main advantages, says Cairns, is that it gets rid of the “dead weight” in a Li-ion battery. Inside a typical Li-ion cell, space is taken up by a layered graphite electrode that does little more than host lithium ions. These ions flow through a charge-carrying liquid electrolyte into a layered metal oxide elec-trode. As with all batteries, current is generated because electrons must flow around an out-side circuit to balance the charges (see ‘Radical redesigns’). To recharge the battery, a voltage is applied to reverse the electron flow, which also drives the lithium ions back.

In a Li-S battery, the graphite is replaced by a sliver of pure lithium metal that does dou-ble duty as both the electrode and the supplier of lithium ions: it shrinks as the battery runs, and reforms when the battery is recharged. And the metal oxide is replaced by cheaper, lighter sulphur that can really pack the lithium in: each sulphur atom bonds to two lithium atoms, whereas it takes more than one metal atom to bond to just one lithium. All of that creates a distinct weight and cost advantage for Li-S technology. Asus K73E Battery Asus A32-N71 Battery Asus 90-XB2KN0BT00000Y Battery Asus 70-NZY1B1000Z Battery Asus A32-K72 Battery Asus 70-NX01B1000Z Battery Asus 70-NZYB1000Z Battery

But the reaction between lithium and sulphur causes a problem. As the battery is charged and discharged, soluble Li-S com-pounds can seep into the electrolyte, degrad-ing the electrodes so that the battery loses charge and the cell gums up. To prevent this, Cairns uses tricks made possible by advances in nanotechnology and electrolyte chemistry — including adulterating his sulphur electrode with graphene oxide binders, and using spe-cially designed electrolytes that do not dissolve lithium and sulphur so much. Cairns predicts that a commercial-sized cell could achieve an energy-density of around 500 Wh kg−1. Other labs are reporting similar results, he says.

Some researchers doubt that the academic cheer will translate into commercial suc-cess. Laboratories often use low proportions of sulphur and lots of electrolyte, which is relatively easy to work with but does not cre-ate an energy-dense battery. Bumping up the sulphur and decreasing the electrolyte makes the cell more likely to gum up, says Steve Visco, who has spent more than 20 years working on Li-S at battery firm PolyPlus in Berkeley, just 5 kilometres west of Cairns’ lab. Making a cheap commercial cell that works over a range of temperatures will also be hard, he says.

At least one company stands by Li-S’s pros-pects: Oxis Energy in Abingdon, UK. It says it has run large cells for an impressive 900 cycles, at energy densities that match current Li-ion cells. Oxis is working with Lotus Engineering, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on a project to reach 400 Wh kg−1 by 2016 for an electric vehicle.

At least one company stands by Li-S’s pros-pects: Oxis Energy in Abingdon

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Set Up A Solar Panel To Reduce Utility Bills

Solar panel can be used in a variety of ways in order to harness the sunlight. This sunlight is used to offer a renewable source of electricity. Solar energy is the conversion of sunshine into electricity. Nowadays, solar energy provides electricity to several homes and businesses.

The traditional electricity that most of us use is made from dirty fossil fuels including oil, gas and coal. Burning of fossil fuels creates toxic emissions. They result in acid rain, which harms the environment and pollute it. As traditional electricity prices rises, the use of solar energy is growing more and more every year.

If you think you have already pay a lot of electricity and now want to save money then prefer to install solar panels in your residence. It is the right time to get benefited from solar energy and reduce the energy bills else you will pay even more at some point.

According to the latest research it has been stated that nationwide electricity rates have been increasing 6% per year over the last 30 years. When you go for solar panel, you take control of your electricity prices. You will save money with solar system as it provides you natural electricity which is free of cost. Thus, you won’t require paying higher bills for the next 30 years. Many people have start saving their money by installing solar system. So when you are going to start saving your money?

Benefits of Solar Panels
? As solar panels provide solar energy so it is absolutely free once the system gets installed.
? The production of solar energy is eco-friendly.
? The improvements in solar energy systems have made them cost effective.
? Solar panel requires less maintenance.
? The system has a life span of about 30 to 40 years.

Reputable solar panel installation companies should be able to provide recommendation on the solar system size that meets your requirements. You can get different solar quotes from solar companies and contact them. When you get solar system installed in your home, you will drastically observe monthly savings. Your savings are only original return on investment. Besides huge savings that you can obtain after installing a solar system, this system does not require any high maintenance. Cleaning the system is very easy. You can just use a simple cloth and clean it by taking a small amount of water.

The two important forms of solar cells are the solar hot water panel system and solar electricity panel system. These different designs either produce electricity or generate hot water supply for your home. Solar hot water panel systems are able to supply the average home with hot water supply. You may be aware with benefits of solar panels and how they can generate electricity, but you may not be aware how to install the system into your home.

For the installation process of solar system, you must consult professional team provides best services at an affordable price. Get the system installed by experts that effectively produce enough power to reduce your electricity bills.

Browse through the web and find the best solar panel companies which help you in installing a system successfully.

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