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Most popular Solar Battery Bank auctions

Some recent solar battery bank auctions on eBay:

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Cool Solar Battery images

solar battery
by Do8y

Some cool solar battery images:

Solar power controller parts – Close Up
solar battery
Image by Steve –
My solar bench needs a photovoltaic controller to charge my invertor batteries. These few parts are going to do the biz for me and my freebie panels.

Close up of solar power controller parts, amazing how fes parts you really need, I spent 8 dollars on these bits (would have paid less if I had not used radio hut…but these go for close to 100 dollars ready made…..

solar battery
Image by ilovememphis
The solar-charged batteries that are powering artist Robin Salant’s light installation at the Sears Crosstown building.

solar stairs
solar battery
Image by steve: they can’t all be zingers!!! (primus)
my first roll through a very used minolta hi-matic 9.
found it at a flea-market. it sounded mechanically correct and the optics were unknown but i bought it anyway.
i manually metered: sunny ..125 at 11 and so on. i placed a battery in the clean battery compartment and it works…kinda. tops out when exposed to sunlight and drops down to 8 when light is lowered

not too bad for a camera that was made in late 1960’s and not well-kept, but i have faith in minolta.
of course i used some tweaking, but still, the original isn’t bad