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We help homeowners and businesses create brighter futures
 with quality affordable solar panel systems

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Need a Solar Power System for your Home or Business?
We've got you covered...

​​​Grid Feeders

solar power

​Cover your loads during the day and sell your excess back for a credit.

​Bill Killers

zero power bill

Experience the freedom of a ZERO power bill.

​​​Power Stations

solar battery

​Take the power back and be in control of your own power!

​Who ​doesn't want to pay less for their power?

​At Renewable Energy Devices we match Solutions to Customers so you get the right system every-time...

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The most important thing is we are helping our environment…

​We installed two solar systems for our Restaurant and Reception Office in 2013 and 2014 and the results speak for themselves; the average savings for our electricity bills are more 60%. We are happy with Renewable Energy Devices service and most important thing is we are helping our environment…

​Sam Ma  //  Business Owner

Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash

​We haven't had a power bill since...

​Fast install and friendly guys, we haven't had a bill since we put on our solar and batteries. thanks RED!

​Adam and Jane //  ​Professionals

Save Money with our Smart Energy Monitor

Knowing how much power you're using can save you hundreds of dollars per year!

Our Vision is to create Stronger, sustainable communities by helping homeowners and businesses create a more secure energy future

Start Saving Today!

Learn how to save money by being more energy efficient in your home...

What you get with us...

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    Secure Energy Future
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    Relief from Bills
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    Value for Money
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    Personalised Advice
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    Industry Knowledge
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    Local Service
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    Quality Assurance
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