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Solar Panel Installers

Solar Power Systems for Home or Small Business

Do you use 50% or more of your power during the day?

Grid connected systems provide inexpensive solar power to your loads while the sun is shining.

Single Phase Solar Systems are usually 3kW or 5kW with the ability to oversize your panel array.

Our systems have the lastest “Reactive Power Control” and optional “Zero Feed In” capabilities to meet Ergons strict connection policies.

Commercial Solar Systems

Businesses who use a large amount of daytime power can significantly reduce their power bills with a 3 phase grid connected solar system.

We specialise in Commercial Systems with Zero Export Capabilities and Monitoring to help you maximise your investment.

Talk to us today to save $1000 a month or more with returns of between 3-4 years.

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Looking for something else?

Why not check out our range of solar battery systems