Solar Battery Ready Systems

Future proof your home by making sure you have the right technology in this fast paced and ever changing Solar Industry.

There are two (2) types of Solar Battery Inverters to choose from…

  1. Solar Battery Hybrid Ready РThis solar inverter can be upgraded in the future, you will need to purchase a Battery Management Unit (BMU) before you are ready to add a solar battery bank.
  2. Solar Battery Hybrid BMU – This inverter is able to charge a solar battery bank from from your solar panel system or from the grid if needed.

Don’t be confused or misled by the “Ready”¬†, there are many companies willing to sell you “Hybrid Ready” at a reduced price to get the sale, leaving the customer thinking they are ready to add batteries when they are not.

Solar Battery or Hybrid Ready

The Perfect Combination

Latest technology with optimal performance

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Get solar panels and Solar Battery Hybrid Ready today and upgrade to a solar battery bank and BMU tomorrow!

6 KW Hybrid Ready
$5,995 /Fully Installed
  • 5KW SolaX Hybrid Ready Inverter
  • 6kW Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • WiFi Monitoring
  • Standard Installation
6 KW Hybrid Battery Ready
$7,995 /Fully Installed
  • 5KW SolaX Hybrid Inverter
  • 6kW Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • 100 Amp Battery Charger (BMU)
  • Emergency Power Circuit (EPS)
  • Wifi Monitoring
  • Standard Installation