Solar Battery Banks

Solar Battery Banks

Solar Storage has now become affordable and you can benefit by adding a solar battery bank to your solar power system.

  • Don’t be held for ransom by increasing power bills
  • Solar Battery Banks are now cheaper than buying power
  • Monitor from anywhere with Intuitive WiFi Technology
  • Don’t get left in the dark, cyclone proof your power
  • Go OFF-GRID and eliminate your Power Bill

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Get the Best Solar Panel Price, our staff are highly trained and can offer you the right advice to find a Solar Battery Bank for your Solar Panel System in Cairns and North Queensland.

Check out some of our frequently asked questions…

Cairns solar power systems produce enough power to run just about any home, but most cairns homeowners only save around 30% of their power bills with a grid connect solar panel system, yet nearly everyone has a solar panel system in Cairns now. To get a more impressive saving on your power bill, you need to install a solar battery bank and use your solar power at night. Savings of 50, 70 even 90% are common when you install the correctly sized solar panel system and solar battery bank.
Does a solar battery bank work in cairns?

Yes, a solar battery bank in Cairns will work. You can produce enough solar power during the day to charge up a big enough solar battery bank to get you through the night. Even in prolonged bad weather you will still make solar power, just not as much. So if you were careful with your power you could survive a grid down event with your fridges, lights and some small devices

Is a Cairns solar battery bank really worth it, I thought they were still very expensive?
A solar battery bank makes good financial sense because they are cheaper than buying power from the grid. What many people don’t take into consideration when they evaluate a solar battery system is

  • the increasing cost of power over time
  • the amount they will pay while they are not making their own power

If you sat down and worked out how much you were going to pay for electricity over the next 5, 10, 15 years, factored in approx 10-15% PA increase (which is what we have seen in recent years), you would find that investing in a solar battery system today gives you a better return, is safer and accessible to more people than any other investment today.

How long do solar batteries last?
New technology developed for electric cars has skyrocketed solar battery bank development, manufactures like Tesla and SolaX are using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology in their solar battery banks which have a 16 year life span. By the time you need to replace them, who knows what clever technology will be available.

There are many different solar battery banks available and choosing the right solar battery bank or solar battery hybrid ready system can be a confusing task but we are here to help you get the best solar panel price.