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Clean energy that’s cheap and virtually endless – this simple premise has driven the worldwide solar revolution over the last decade. Sapphire Solar now combines its premium solar PV modules ,with its range of wireless hybrid inverters and batteries to offer you its exclusive – Integrated Solar Package. When you purchase the complete Integrated Solar Package from an Approved Sapphire Solar Partner, not only are you acquiring some of the best performing products available on the market, but you also qualify to unlock exclusive warranty extensions.


  • Premium 270W PV Modules specifically designed to withstand the extreme Australian climate
  • Hybrid Inverter with blackout protection functionality
  • Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries with optimised charging
  • Wi-Fi and hard wired connections with advanced software features
  • Best warranties available in the industry, with exclusive upgrades unlike any other supplier
  • Local system design, installation and after-sales support
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6kW Sapphire Intergrated Solar Battery System
$65 /Week
  • 22 Premium Australian 270W Solar Panels
  • 5 kW Sapphire Hybrid Inverter
  • 7kWh Sapphire LiFeP04 Battery
  • Free Wifi
  • Fully Installed
  • 25 Year Standard Warranty
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