Date: 08 Mar 2014





Queensland Mental Health 30KW by Renewable Energy DevicesQueensland Mental Health 30KW Commercial Solar

Queensland Mental Health with Renewable Energy Devices and Sapphire Solar

Contents Queensland Mental Health see the benefit of using their own free power from the sun, recently installing a Commercial Solar Power System on their new building in Townsville.

We were commissioned to install a 30KW Zero Export Commercial Solar Power System late last year, we think it looks pretty good too! This system included 120 x 250W High Efficiency Sapphire Solar Panels and 2 x 3Phase Zever Solar Inverters, configured to zero export. We choose to partner with Sapphire Solar because of their high quality and outstanding performance. This Tier 1 Manufacturer is 100% Australian Owned just like us and we like that alot. Zever 3 Phase Inverters are made by Solar Giant SMA, with 3MPPTs per unit and a very nice online monitoring platform Zever Solar ticks all the boxes for us.

This job went smoothly and wouldn’t have happened without the outstanding efforts of our team. Noel Jago, our Townsville Area Manager worked closely with the client to make sure they were satisfied, also liaising with suppliers, management and the install team to pull off this exceptional work. The system looks amazing and came in on budget and on time thanks to the superb effort of own very own Master Electrician and Project Manager Andrew Snelleman who kept the install team humming and assured quality every step of the way.

Great Work Team!