About Us

Our mission is to provide real energy solutions for businesses and home owners; solutions that provide effective cost savings with clever renewable energy technology.

At Renewable Energy Devices we believe that every energy problem has a Renewable Energy Solution. Moreover, it is our responsibility and opportunity to develop and engage these solutions whenever and wherever we may find them. In this way, we are protecting our way of life for future generations; building a culture of sustainability and a secure energy future.

Energy Efficient Solutions

We are Innovators

We are constantly looking for better products and ideas, solutions which make sense and fit seamlessly into your businesses, homes and farms.

Rising Power Prices

We are Problem Solvers

We thrive on a challenge and constantly provide answers where others say it can’t be done. Our carefully selected products are designed to work together, maximising your return on investment.

Cairns Locals

We are Locals

We are your neighbors, customers, and friends of friends, sharing this beautiful part of the world here in North Queensland. We know what makes sense for North Queenlanders, the challenges, dangers and secret places we grew up with. We’re locals, just like you.

Ben Beattie

Managing Director

Ben Beattie, has a passion for Solar Power and Renewable Energy, drawing on a technical background for bespoke solar power system design; he thrives on he challenge of finding a solution, especially in remote, off grid areas. He believes that all Energy Problems can have a Renewable Solution, whether that is Solar Power, Wind Turbines, Biomass Fuels and More. Ben is born and bred in Cairns, a forth generation Far North Queenslander with deep roots in the Tablelands where he plans to retire to a simple life of Organic Smallholding and Self Sufficiency. He teaches his children about Energy Efficiency, Self Sufficiency and Renewable Energy and looks forward to handing “Renewable Energy
Devices” over to them one day.

Katie Beattie

Business and Finance Manager

Katie is the heart and soul of the business, handling staff and clients with a warm and friendly smile. A mother of 4, she is always on the go balancing the demands of business and family life with ease. Katie comes from a strong customer focused background where she mixed with labour staff and corporate customers on a daily basis, she is flexible, competent and we wouldn't be here without her.

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