For a Limited Time you can get this high quality solar battery system for only $16,995!

Solar battery banks are finally affordable, look at what we are offering today. We take care of the lot including Ergon applications, Installation, Rebates and After Sales Service.

  • 6kW High Quality Sapphire Solar Panels
  • 5kW SolaX Hybrid Inverter
  • 6.4kWh LG Chem Battery
  • WiFi Monitoring
  • Fully Installed*

 *Standard Installation: Tin roof, single story, compliant meterbox, Cairns

SolaX Hybrid Inverter

SolaX Hybrid Series Inverter

  • Integrated Solar and Hybrid ready Inverter
  • Cover your daytime usage
  • Charge up your batteries
  • Use your solar power at night
  • Available when the grid goes down
  • Wifi Monitoring
  • Upgradable Storage to 12 kWh
LG_chem solar battery