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Energy Saving Devices

Combined with Solar Power

Helps Businesses and Homeowners

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Experience Freedom from Power Bills

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Cost of Power

Residential T11 = 29.4 c/kWh
Commercial T20 = 25.5 c/kWh
Off Peak T33 = 19.9 c/kWh
Solar Power = 6.7 c/kWh

How much could you save?

Rising Power Prices

Save 50% or More off Your Power Bill with a Grid Connected Solar Power System; and as much as 100% with a Grid Interactive Solar Battery System

Energy Optimisers are Becoming Hugely Popular Overseas Due to Their Simplicity and Performance. Most Solutions Are a Simple Plug n Play. You can Save up to 30% on Fridges and Cold Cooms and a Massive 75% Off Your Pool Pump!

Solair World Solar Air Conditioners

Save a massive 30-70% off your Air Conditioner Running Costs by Installing a Solair World Solar Air Conditioner

LED Lighting reduces your bill

Changing to Energy Efficient LED Lighting can Save You as Much as 90% of Your Lighting Costs! They also last 5 Times Longer!

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